Welcome to JL Manufacturing, Inc.

Founded in 1989, JL Manufacturing is a multiple award winning industry leader in aerospace manufacturing. Located in Everett, Washington, JL Manufacturing is dedicated to providing its diverse customer base with the best value in the industry and providing world class customer service as a priority.


Executive Summary

Our commitment to our customer has always been the key success by providing open communications with our customers in order to meet their needs. JL Manufacturing will continue to invest in new equipment and technologies through internal and external financing. By staying in the forefront of the aerospace industry, we continue to provide our customers with rapid turnaround, top quality and competitive pricing. Our company has developed a variety of systems, including: Continuous Cost & Quality Improvements and one for employee involvement, motivation and training.


Keys to Success

The Keys to success at JL Manufacturing are:

  • Sales:
    • Focus on maintaining the existing customer base as well as nurturing new sales.
    • Increase awareness and perception of our capabilities and high quality products through marketing and education via our website.
  • Product Quality:
    • Build 100% quality into our products. Without product quality there is no repeat business - without repeat business there is no business.
  • Technical Capability:
    • We thrive on our ability to do what the competition can't or will not do. We build products with the highest quality and at a fair price.
  • Profitability:
    • Maintaining cost is vital to the success of our business.
  • People:
    • Enhance our work environment and compensation for all our associates.
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Marketing Strategy

How does JL Manufacturing approach 2009? The answer is with an aggressive public relations campaign within various customers™ websites to expand our add-on business. By expanding our customer base, our company can expand our development of more products and services (capabilities and integration), thus moving up the product food chain from components to subassemblies.